Cllr. Lisa Rutter was the Mayor of the London Borough of Barnet from 2011/2012. In her Mayoral year one of her charities was the Alzheimer’s Society. The money raised funded a dementia cafe held once a month on Wednesdays at the Finchley Memorial Hospital.

Lisa who is a qualified fitness instructor was running the very successful Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Café monthly for about 2 years and wanted to provide more sessions.

Saracens provided further funding which allowed weekly sessions of the Dementia Clubs every Wednesday. The new Saracens Dementia Club started on 22nd April 2015. All sessions are run by Councillor Lisa Rutter, supported by Saracens.

Lisa is now running 3 Dementia Clubs around the Borough of Barnet and will be launching a 4th Dementia Club also supported by Saracens Foundation.

Lisa has now created a charity called Dementia Club UK to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia. They are welcome with their carers to attend. Each session aims to provide the person with Dementia and their carer with information, gentle exercise and fun activities in a social atmosphere with cups of tea and coffee and lovely cakes. Professional speakers will attend the sessions and also a GP and nurse attend most sessions to answer any medical concerns.